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Antenna Combiner/Splitter for up to 10 RKP-4B or BTR-1 base station transmit antenna ouputs and 10 receive antenna inputs with US power cord.
List: $8,198.00
Alkaline battery holder, TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4.
List: $55.00
2200 MAH Battery Pack
List: $128.00
Single bay NMH charger for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4 with US power cord and BP-700NM.
List: $388.00
4 bay NMH charger for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4 with US power cord and 4 BP-700NM.
List: $1,447.00
Single bay charger without power supply.
List: $97.90
Docking station, 4 bay charger (without power supply).
List: $883.00
PS800NM power supply.
List: $54.10
PS800NM4 power supply.
List: $137.00
1/4 wave belt pack antenna for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4, 425-488 MHz, Violet.
List: $41.60
1/4 wave belt pack antenna for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4, 488-556 MHz, Black.
List: $41.60
1/4 wave belt pack antenna for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4, 556-636 MHz, Yellow.
List: $41.60
1/4 wave belt pack antenna for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4, 636-726 MHz, Green.
List: $41.60
1/4 wave belt pack antenna for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4, 726-826 MHz, Red.
List: $41.60
Heavy duty leather swivel holster w/belt loop for TR-700/800.
List: $161.00
Swivel beltclip for TR-1/700/800/825/RKP-4.
List: $25.80
2' 50 ohm low loss coaxial cable, TNC M connector.
List: $26.60
15 pin D-Sub Patch Cable for BTR-1, 18 inches.
List: $84.70
Replacement power supply cable for RKP-4B, BTR-1 power supply, USA.
List: $17.50
BTR-800/700 and BC800NM Battery Charger, Power cord - USA.
List: $17.00
XLR-3 Intercom "dummy load" plug for BTR-1/700/800 (Audiocom)
List: $32.20
XLR-3 Intercom "dummy load" plug for BTR-1/700/800 (RTS).
List: $31.90
Rack mount reinforcement for BTR-700/800.
List: $65.50
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